Annelita Reinders (MSc) is organisations psychologist and founder of S-Sent, Essence in work (2000). She is specialised in inner knowing and the essence and energy level of a company. We look at the iceberg under water, that what’s there, but you cannot see. The essence behind your question or situation, the wisdom that lies beneath the surface, your goals and the steps you can take now. You will get more consciousness about yourself and your company.

When companies go through a transformation or a hard time, for instance because of a crisis like we have now, Annelita Reinders of S-Sent can help the company to stay grounded and in contact with its inner knowledge and creativity. Grounding is ‘being in contact with yourself, your inner wisdom’, being in the here and now, so emotions cannot overwhelm you and you can get in contact with your self-confidence and a well-founded approach. In times of crisis or transformation, people tend to loose their connection with themselves. Because of anxiety, people tend to go to their heads to feel in control and then by-pass the frontal cortex and end-up in their primary emotions and actions based on these emotions (their survival mode), like stress, talking faster, wanting to be in control, hoarding, or apathy. The right or best taken path through this period of crisis is not visible anymore, the feeling of steps based on ‘control’ seem the best. In energy, people get cramped, their focus narrows and their creativity weakens. They are not themselves anymore and wisdom is hard to find.

In a one on one session, Annelita helps entrepreneurs to get in contact with themselves and their inner wisdom again. On company level she can help to ground the company and help the energy flow again. The effect of this energy coaching is the same as when you are stressed and you have a walk in nature, afterwards you feel more relaxt and your ideas start to flow again. It helps you to see the wood for the trees again. On system level a company is a living organ, made of the intention it is based on, the energy of all the people, the ideas and emotions of these people and the goals. This is all energy. On this energy level Annelita helps to ground the company and helps te energy to flow, so it becomes easier for the entrepreneur and the people to get in contact with their inner wisdom again and they can get in contact with their flow again. 

Sessions are via Skype, in English or Dutch. In an individual session, as an entrepreneur or leader of the company, you can have an individual coaching. And we talk about how I coach the company on energy level, during the next period. Because of the situation the world is in now, I charge a small fee of € 45,- per hour, because money may not be an obstacle in times of crisis. And the first session is free of charge, so you can get a feeling of the work. 

For questions, you can e-mail or call me.