Annelita Reinders (MSc) is an organisations psychologist and founder of S-Sent, Essence in work (2000). She specializes and has extensive experience in working on the inner knowing and the essence and energy level of a company. On a system level, a company is a living organ, made up of: the intention it is based on, the energy of all the people, the ideas and emotions of these people and the company goals. This is all energy.

Actually, energy is a term from metaphysics. In her book “The Field” investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart (2004) gives an overview of investigations into an all-encompassing energy field, which connects man and matter. Physicists thought that the smallest particles within a molecule were “empty”; that the contents consisted of a vacuum, a void. However, quantum mechanics have shown that such an absolute void does not exist. The smallest particles appear not to be “empty”, but to be “filled” with an energy field. Physicists call this field the ‘zero point energy field’. And everything, including ourselves are made up of 99.9999% energy.

According to the Hungarian system expert Ervin Laszlo (1993), the energy field is also an important information carrier. The information arises from the interaction of the particles, or matter, that are in the energy field. You could compare it to the telephone line between two telephones, which at one point also “carries” the information. The zero point energy field consists of one large field of waves where everything is connected. You and I are some “bigger” particles and we continuously put information in this energy field, through our movements, our behavior and our thoughts. By doing what we do, saying what we say and thinking what we think. So, did you have any secrets? I hope not, because secrets no longer exist -:)).

This science means quite a bit. It means that with our thoughts and behavior we create the information in this energy field. The word “energy field” may be rather scientific for you and you do not use it in your organization. In practice, you probably call it “atmosphere”. “There is a positive atmosphere in this company”. You could also have said, “There is a positive energy”. Inner knowing is also energy. And intuition, your inner wisdom, always feels simple, coherent. You are then in tune with the Zero point field. You are on the right track.

When companies go through a transformation or a hard time, for instance because of a crisis like we have now, Annelita Reinders of S-Sent helps the company to stay grounded and in contact with its inner knowledge and creativity.

Grounding is ‘being in contact with yourself, your inner wisdom’, being in the here and now, so emotions cannot overwhelm you and you can get in contact with your self-confidence and a well-founded approach. In times of crisis or transformation, people tend to lose their connection with themselves. Because of anxiety, people tend to go to their heads to feel in control, by-pass the frontal cortex and end up in their primary emotions and take actions based on these emotions (their survival mode). Symptoms of being in your head includes increased stress, talking faster, wanting to be in control, hoarding, apathy, etc. The best taken path through this period of crisis is then not visible anymore and the feeling of taking steps based on ‘head control’ seem the best. In energy, people get cramped, their focus narrows and their creativity weaken. They are not themselves anymore and wisdom is hard to find.

A period like this requires confidence in your inner knowing and creativity, to find the best taken path and get into a flow. Creativity arises when space is created. A period like this asks for thinking out of the box, or even without the box. New ways emerge by being in the present and opening up to them. As fear narrows the focus and has a negative effect on your productivity and energy, confidence and creativity opens your mind, you get in contact with the energy field that connects all of us and you get on a flow. A very different dynamic.

In a one-on-one session, Annelita helps entrepreneurs to get in contact with themselves and their inner wisdom again. On a company level Annelita helps to ground the company by letting and assisting the energy to flow again, so it becomes easier for the entrepreneur and the people driving the company forward to get into contact with their inner wisdom again and their flow of creativity again. The effect of this energy coaching is the same as when you are stressed and you have a walk in nature, afterwards you feel more relaxed and your ideas start to flow again. Your creativity is back! It helps you to see the wood of the trees again.

Sessions are via Skype, in English or Dutch. In an individual session, as an entrepreneur or leader of the company, you can have an individual coaching session. We talk about how to coach the company on an energy level during the next period and going forward after the crisis. Because of the critical situation the world is in now, the fee is now € 50,- per hour, so that money is not the obstacle.  

For questions, you can e-mail or call me.