Intuition course SA

Intuition course in Cape Town SA

During the 2 lessons of 2,5 hours you learn what intuition is and be guided on how to follow your intuition and make decisions that are right for you. Through experience-based-exercises you will discover how energy works and the most effective way to manage your energy. You will learn how to ground yourself, to be present in the ‘I am’- the here and now. Just you ‘being’. You will learn how to stay centred with yourself when you are in contact with others. Step-by-step you will start developing and maturing your inner knowing. By learning to recognize whether something is right for you or not, you will become more authentic and will naturally start to take leadership over your life.

The lessons will be in English.

For more information about the course in Cape Town South Africa, read more in this flyer: Intuition course SA

Investment: R900 incl tax/vat. and a Reading (worth R500).
Dates: 29/8 and 1/9/2022 7 pm – 9.30 pm.
Teacher: Annelita Reinders MSc
Registration: mail to
Information and registration:  or whatsapp/zoom call with Annelita.