Reading (English)

Dialogue of the soul
A reading is a discription of your energy.
At essence level it gives insight in your situation and question. What happens unconsciously, the iceberg under water.
Through this insight, the attention and the movement that arises during the reading process, you will increasingly connect with yourself and your own answers. It helps to focus, to understand what is important at this moment and to make desicions about the following steps to take.

Readings are via Zoom and in English or Dutch. The reading will be recorded so you can listen to it later.


ThemeThis reading is about:MinutesPrice
Your story now30-45 min.€ 45
$ 50
Big readingYour life now, your question120 min.€ 120,-
$ 135
Own birthYour energy at birth120 min.€ 120
$ 135
FamilyYour family, you in your essnece and
your Caracter
120 min.€ 120
$ 135
HealthQuestions about your illness120 min.€ 120
$ 135
WomanThe woman you are120 min.€ 120
$ 135
PregnacyYour pregnacy or question around
120 min.€ 120
$ 135
RelationshipYour relationship (1 or 2 persons)120 min.€ 120
$ 135
CareerYour job, essence qualities and goals150 min.€ 150
$ 170
OrganisationYour company and its development150 min.€ 200,-
$ 225


A healing helps you to get your energy in balance. Your energy starts flowing again and you let go of old emotions and tensions. It makes you feel whole again. Costs: € 40 / $ 45.

A reaction on LinkedIn: “I just had a reading. Unbelievable and fascinating how much information comes out of it. It really was a present! How powerful Annelita is 1: 1! ”