A program to take your place in the transformation of the world.
You know that you have a role in the transformation of the world, even of humanity. It doesn’t matter how small or how big this role is. You have already completed various courses and have become familiar with your inner qualities. Your heartfelt desire to apply these lessons to the real  world, which is quite daunting. To embody  your strength and to inhabit your place in the world.

The program starts in October 2020 and contains a mix of flowing energy, intervision, and modules around different themes about the transformation of yourself, the earth and humanity. Furthermore we will visit Preau in France and England. Annelita and Hanke provide the program, with the help of others. With this program, on a biweekly basis for over a year, you’ll have the chance to “come home” to yourself and to further shape your place in the world.

For information, this is the flyer:  Program Bundle your light

Program makers are: Annelita Reinders and Hanke Bootsma