Hands on Healing SA

In South Africa Annelita Reinders MSc will be hosting a short Hands-on-Healing course for people who already have their own practice and/or is working in a holistic healing field (E.g kinesiology, cranio sacral therapy, couching, nursing, massage fields, etc)

It will take place at the end of August over four full days (Friday 26/8 until Sun 28/8  and again the next Sat 3/9). During the week there will be a short evening sessions (2-3 hours) where we can invite guests for practical Hands-on-Healing sessions. Furthermore there is the option during the week to receive a reading and healing from Annelita.

The cost for the course is R4,200 and at the end of the course you will receive a Certificate so as to provide or incorporate hands-on healing within your line of work. For the readings and healing the cost is R500. A reading is a description of your energy. At essence level it gives insight into your life now, your goals on an essence level and the steps you can take now.

About Hands-on-Healing

From within, you communicate with the being of the other person (your client-the ‘Healee’).

He or she has inner knowledge from their subconscious pure essence about the situation he or she created and what is needed to heal. In the ‘Hands-on-Healing’ classes you learn to communicate on that essence level. Communicating without words; from pure being to being.  This deep essence level of healing is the quality you develop during the course. We will also spend time and learn to ground and heal our own healing energy, and work on keeping ownership of our healing energy. So that a Hands-on-Healing does not ‘cost’ you energy, but rather gives you as the healer energy as well. You gain energy in this process. You and your client both ‘grow’ as a result of the interaction.

During the classes you give and receive Hands on healings. Through the lessons you support and appreciate your intuition, your inner growth as a being and your connection with your body.

Reading on your growth

After the Hands on Healing course you will receive a reading on your growth. We look at new energy in your body and energy system. We look at what is changing in your life because of this new energy, this new inner knowing, and what you do not do anymore. This Reading will be via Zoom.

Visit to a sacred energy spot

There will also be a visit to a sacred energy spot in The Western Cape on the Sun 4/9 where we will tap into the powerful and transformative powers of the earth’s healing energy. Similar to the power of a magnet, the power of a sacred site is an invisible field of energy permeating the area of the sacred site. Costs for this optional extra lesson is R350.

Flyer with dates, time and location
Investment: R4,200 incl tax/vat. and incl a Reading on your growth.
Dates: Friday 26/8 until Sun 28/8 and again the next Sat 3/9
Teacher: Annelita Reinders MSc
Registration: mail to  a.reinders@s-sent.nl or whatsapp/zoom call with Annelita.