Annelita Reinders (MSc) is organisations psychologist and founder of S-Sent, Essence in work (2000). She is specialised in inner knowing and the essence and energy level of a company. For international clients, or people who live to far to come to my practice, I give sessions via skype, in English or Dutch. In an individual session, you can have a lesson, a reading or a coaching. We look at the iceberg under water, thats what’s there, but you cannot see. The essence behind a question or situation, the wisdom that lies beneath the surface, your goals and the steps you can take now. You will get more consciousness about yourself and your company.

LESSONS: develop yourself and your intuition
During the individual lessons via skype you develop your intuition, learn to follow your inner wisdom and manage your energy. You learn to make a grounding and to be in ‘I am’, the here and now. Just you ‘being’. In life you are not alone, so you also learn to stay with yourself in contact with others. By learning to recognize whether something is right for you or not, you become more authentic and take leadership over your life.
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A reading is a description of your energy. At essence level it gives insight in your situation and question. It helps to give focus, to understand what is important at this moment and to make desicions about the following steps to take.
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COACHING: develop the YOU in yourself
In the coaching we start with your goal, on both a practical and essence level. Step by step you look at the themes that are underneath your question. We use different energy tools, like reading, healing, intuition, excercises and family constellations, so the growth is on essence level. Change at a more practical level will follow.
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BUSINESS COACHING: support your company on essence and energy level in times of crisis or transformation
When companies go through a transformation or a hard time, for instance because of a crisis like we have now, Annelita Reinders of S-Sent can help the company to stay grounded and in contact with its inner knowledge and creativity. In a one on one session, Annelita helps entrepreneurs to get in contact with themselves and their inner wisdom. On company level she can help to ground the company and help the energy flow again. The effect of this energy coaching is the same as when you are stressed and you have a walk in nature, afterwards you feel more relaxt and your ideas start to flow again. It helps you to see the wood for the trees again. 
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The proof of the pudding is in eating it…
You can send me an e-mail to make an appointment.

You can e-mail me at: a.reinders@s-sent.nl

Lessons are via Zoom, in English or Dutch. Payment for the sessions are via Paypal.

Warm greetings!

Annelita Reinders
Teacher and coach